AI-First Games

Posted on Twitter 12/12/2022

Thread/ we're entering a new era in AI-first game creation ☀️

up to now AAA games like Red Dead Redemption 2 cost $500M and took over 3,000 people 8 years to make. with generative AI, small teams can ship at near AAA quality but at a fraction of the cost & time

a few thoughts 👇

1/ as a fusion of art & technology, games are infamously complex & costly to build

@CyberpunkGame took a crack team of 500 developers over 9 years and ~$175M to ship, and was still widely panned at launch for being incomplete

2/ up to now, most game development has followed the triangle theory where a team can only "pick 2" from:

- scope

- cost

- time

building a big, immersive MMO with a small team? expect it to take 10 years

or speed it up by hiring more but it'll cost $$$

3/ genAI promises to break this triangle: enabling good + fast + affordable

imagine Cyberpunk where much of the world was generated, enabling devs to shift from asset production to higher-order tasks like story-telling & innovation

all while shipping in 3 years vs 9

4/ text / dialogue generation is already here

i love this example of how @ammaar used ChatGPT to write a children's storybook with illustrations from @midjourney_ai

5/ all those NPCs in a game? we'll be able to generate those too

millions have already used AI photo app Lensa to create stylized art of themselves

and with @inworld_ai @readyplayerme we can build interactive NPCs using concept art

6/ for 3D assets, genAI could be the next level of procedural generation which is already used in many games

if you played @Diablo @EldenRing, you spent hours in worlds created with algorithms. 80% of the @EldenRing greenery was procedurally generated

7/ what's exciting is that we're very much still in the early innings. as foundational models improve, we'll see better tooling which flows into better end-user products

the rate of AI research progress has been exponential - just look at this chart

8/ long-term, tools that make it easier for folks to build games will open up the market to new creators, and with them new ideas & gameplay types

a parallel: @TikTok_us enabled unique new forms of video - where else can we find sea shanties like this?

wrap/ AI-first games are poised to kick off a new cycle of industry disruption on the same level as mobile and cloud

for more on the genAI revolution, see this great blog from my partners @JackSoslow @Gwertz

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